Why Filipinos are still poor in 2022?

Philippines is a third world country located in Southeast Asia. The people living in the Philippines are called Filipino (Filipinos for plural). The population as of year 2022 has increased to more than a 100 million. There are a lot of factors why majority of the population are poor. 




As of year 2022, 23.7 % of the people are registered as poor. Those who can barely live in a day, could not afford a decent meal for one self and are waiting for some Government and non-Government help. This is equivalent to 26 million Filipinos who are in poverty food threshold which the very minimum for a family of 5 to eat must have an income at least Php 8,000 or USD 160 in a month. We are not sure of the actual figures but definitely more people are starving. This figure is expected to increase since there is a COVID-19 pandemic going on and war in Russia versus Ukraine. The economy will face a lot worse than ever. Oil prices going up, inflation going up but the salary remain low and could lead to recession if more business shut down due to global crisis.

These scenario is also affecting the ordinary people, ordinary employee with ordinary jobs. If you are not smart with your expenditure starting today, the economy will eat you alive, eat your savings alive. Given the situation of these people who have been living in poverty, does this mean no hope for them to progress at all?

You have a choice to work for additional jobs and side hustles. If you are not lazy and if you are smart, every money hat you earn will give you somehow a better life. That is if you make the right choices and if your body can handle it. Most importantly, can your time handle it?  Consider it mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


It sucks that we are in a generation where a “millennial” like me are being sandwich by Student loans, responsibilities in the family, pressured by the society through social media, pressured by definition of success means getting a fancy car, nice house, and a fairytale wedding, starting a family. It sucks that we were what we were and we cannot change the past. Our parents made financial mistakes and how do we move forward?

Most of the time you will hear your parents saying “I would be able to afford nice things if I did not have children.”, “I just can’t afford it because I have children.” This makes me cringe to the bone. I am angry with these excuses. Why blame on the children? It’s not our fault, not our choice to be born in this world. Some parents are lazy, you know. They work for a job, have children, unprepared financially. They prioritize building a house by getting a loan, they prioritize getting a car by getting a loan, they prioritize education for their children by getting a huge loan, and at the end of the day who suffer? They suffer and their children suffer. Being a responsible parent does not mean you cannot be irresponsible with your finances. Parents’ intention is to give children a comfortable life. Why does it feel like the children have to be a broke adult? Some parents would just say that children must give back to them, pay them back after they graduate from college. Some parents put their broken dreams and frustrations on their children. Well, they had their chances and some parents even if they’re still young and able to do work, they’re just too entitled of the financial support from their children thinking they had given them the best of life. Another Filipino family will be having 12 children, parents both unemployed. How do they get by in a day? Children are being exploited to the streets to ask for money from people. That’s what you get for contributing to increasing population and dragging your children into mess. It does not matter whether you have 1, 2, 3, 1 dozen of children. The main concern is can you sustain feeding and provide for them? 

You have a choice to let it that way or change the history. Learn from the mistakes of your ancestors or from other people. Most importantly, take accountability and be responsible of your actions and decisions. It’s up to you if you want to make a difference. Be financially responsible parent if you are planning to have a child. What is it that you really dream of?


Compare to the West culture where parents do still work even at old age because they respect that their children have their own lives. Do they complain? No. I know what you’re thinking because their country is right? And you complain about the Philippines. Of course, we do all sorts of complaining. 

Low and Middle class Filipinos are considered poor because they buy things they don’t really need, they buy liabilities instead of assets. They just like to work at minimum effort and dump their responsibilities on in their children. Filipinos love to complain to the Government and yet they are not careful with their household expenses, they cannot live without AC, without internet and at the end of the month, they complain why their electric bill is so high knowing that they only earn this much per month. You celebrate a one day birthday party and spend for the party that is equal to your 6 months monthly salary and you complain that you have to work? You don’t need to live below your means but make sure that your “MEANS” can sustain your lifestyle. Why buy a car and cannot sustain a gas, maintenance and insurance because you complain of walking and long lines while commuting? Why buy a house and cannot sustain to eat healthy and good food and you just stay in the job that doesn’t pay much because you compare yourself to the people same of your age who seem to look successful? Don’t force yourself into debt if it’s not the right timing to own a house. Don’t go into trap by getting debts that aren’t producing money for you. Every choice you make now is the reflection of where you will be in the future. You control money and money does not have to control you. If you’re okay in living without AC, then don’t be ashamed of that. If you will be seen eating some cheap food or wearing the same clothes everyday, don’t complain and don’t care what other people think. The more you complain, you attract negative thoughts and then you become insecure. 

You have the choice to stay humble, mindful of your actions and solutions-oriented person instead of focusing your energy on negative things. Try to shift your lenses into new perspective. Maybe your life will change for the better.

In conclusion, Filipinos are poor by birth and by choice. Escape the rat race. Stop being delusional. Increase your potential to earn coz you deserve a comfortable life. To parents, I know you think it’s too late for you to make it. But you are wrong. Do not put hopes, some sort of expectations from your child. Let your child pursue something they love. You can still make it. Who says if your 40, 50, 60, 70, 80s your life is over? You’re the only one limits yourself and judging yourself. When it comes to finances, one must be responsible and accountable. Your see Filipinos are poor by birth and by choice. It’s hard to make a lot of money, but it is harder to remain poor. So, CHOOSE YOUR HARD. FIND WAYS TO STOP POVERTY CHAIN.