Cebu City Tourist Spot and Bantayan Island

Are you stuck in the office all the time wishing to go for a vacation? Browsing on your social media, seeing people getting tanned, enjoying the beach…

Wondering how much budget should you have to take your leave from the office and enjoy being free or just plain changing of your facebook profile? Well, I can help you with that.

It was not so long ago when I took a vacation to Cebu. I booked with Air Asia Promo Fare Travel date: August. The accommodation was booked with Robe’s Hotel in the heart of the city and Beach Placid Resort for Bantayan Island.


  • Airfare: Php 1, 600.00+ roundtrip per person
  • Bantayan Island Accommodation at Beach Placid – Php 1,500.00 for two/overnight with Free Pick-up and transfer from/return to Sta. Fe Port.
  • Robe’s Hotel 2 nights = Php 800.00 per night for two including breakfast (private room)

If you are a solo traveler, there’s a lot of cheap backpacker hostel in Cebu also to check ranging from Php 200.00-500.00. You can also find cheaper accommodation in Bantayan Island with other resorts.

You may check the latest fares in SkyScanner. I always do this for comparison. The normal rate for Ex Manila-Cebu would vary from Php 2,000-Php3,000+.


FOOD (Your choice) – This is just based on our itinetary

Food on the way to Bantayan-Php 150.00

Bantayan Island – Php 600.00+ per person Approx. for Dinner & drinks (Sea Food) and Breakfast next day

Larsian’s BBQ- Less Php 150.00 per person

La Marea Brownies with Irish Coffee-Php 250.00

Coffee Bean Scent Coffee Shop in Mangoe Ave-Less than Php 200.00

La Vie Parissiene-Php 600+ Per person

Maple Restaurant – Php 600+ Per person

CNT Lechon- Php 200+ Per person

Total food estimates: Php 3,000.00 per person for 4 days

TRANSPORTATION-Php 2,000.00 more or less (Bantayan Island, airport transfer and Cebu City) for 4 days mixed Taxi, bus and public jeepney.

SOUVENIR or PASALUBONG- Less than Php 1,000.00

DAY 1: BANTAYAN ISLAND  (Northern part of Cebu)

Going to Bantayan Island will consume most of your time. I suggest that you travel very early so that you will be able to enjoy the beach if you are only planning an overnight stay because the travel time is about 5-6 hours from Cebu city via Bus to Ro-ro vessel and going to the resort. The air-conditioned bus fare cost is Php 160.00. The Ro-ro boat fare is Php 170.00 while the entrance fee in Beach Placid resort is Php 60.00 per head. Check-in time is 1:00 PM and check-out is 12:00NN. The sea food price range from Php 180-Php 280.00. There are also beers available that you can bring in your room or just stay outside the beach to listen the waves and watch the beautiful stars. They say Bantayan Island is a paradise and I couldn’t agree more (if you don’t like crowded as Boracay).


Checked-out from the resort at 12:00NN and headed to the port for Cebu City. Due to traffic and road construction, only able to check-in at Robe’s hotel at 5:30PM. Starving from the trip, you can never go wrong with Larsian’s Bbq compound. I love it in Larsian because of the fresh sea foods they serve (sea foods again!). The price is affordable too ranging from Php 70- Php 150.00 per dish and can be good for sharing. Walked around Fuente at night to buy pasalubong in Robinson’s Fuente. Then I headed to Mango Avenue where the night life happens.


Though I had visited Cebu for more than once, I always keep on coming back to Magellan’s cross and Sto Nino church. As a Catholic by religion, I believe that this church grants wishes and miracles to those who deserve it if you will have faith. It’s the main attraction in Cebu for the tourists and locals. And the entrance is FREE of charge.

Then  we went to Ayala Techno Park in Cebu to try-out the La Marea Brownies in cup. Also, how can I forget the Irish Coffee I ordered! So strong! Then for the night we had a wonderful dinner at La Vie Parissiene – little Paris in Cebu. It offers not just some of the best French pastry, wines and deli products, but a total French experience for those who happen to visit this luxurious restaurant at a reasonable price of their dishes ranging Php700+ for 2 persons. The place is instagram-worthy! You have to go here at night and feel the vibe.


It’s one of the largest shopping mall in the Philippines. Cebuanos love to go here – locals and tourists. All you need can be found here. You can also buy souvenirs or pasalubongs at Supermarket if you have a tight schedule looking outside and just want to relax inside the mall at the same time.

Having brunch in Maple Restaurant here in Ayala was a great experience too.

Then visiting Cebu will not be complete without tasting the famous Cebu Lechon (Roasted Pig) at CNT. The lechon is very delicious and served us well. Price starts at Php 150.00 for 1/4 kg, Php 300.00 for 1/2 kg, Php 430.00 for 1kg. One of the best tasty lechon.

Cebu is very dear to me because of my origins. I was born there and I have many relatives residing in the city.

Soon I will go back again to Cebu and explore the southern part.

Reah Montederamos