I personally take pictures of every moment at every place. My favorite animal is a Penguin. 

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Hi there traveler and awesome, welcome to Blogsnippets! You make my heart so happy by visiting our website. Thank you so much.

So what motivated me to create this blog? I would just like to share my actual experiences with regards to traveling that you should not fear it. In the Philippines, traveling alone as female is considered unusual. You have to seek approval from elders even if you are already in your 20’s or 30’s. I am serious. Most families are conservative and concern. It’s because they have fear of you getting harassed by a stranger which happens at anytime if you are not educated enough. Another reason of this fear of travel could be because not everyone has extra budget to travel and they think that traveling is a luxury, not something important and enriching for the soul and wisdom which is the opposite because you can travel on a low budget. Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, travel consultant and there are more popular bloggers out there. But since blogging is my passion, I choose to pursue it and I want to help you for ideas without any bias or any promotions.

-The author, RHMS

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