The Author

Reah Montederamos is from Davao, Philippines. In 2011, she started to write blog about current events. Her favorite childhood memory was when her family used to travel by bus and ferry going to their province in Leyte and Cebu. After college she left her hometown Davao to move to Manila in 2016. She traveled locally and the first time she traveled outside the Philippines was in 2017. Then she pursued in creating this blog in 2020 to share her travel experiences and how you can save money while traveling.

She’s been working in the corporate world for many years in the Philippines. She can totally relate to demanding job, limited paycheck, and the less than 2 weeks of vacation leave credits per year. Her aim is to provide FREE travel guide and budgeting tips so that you will be able to go out from your desk and enjoy your trip as you discover new experiences. Author is not affiliated with any travel agency or third party.