Travel guide to Melaka Malaysia
Traveling to Melaka Malaysia – State of Malacca


Melaka is a small peaceful town in Malacca State, Malaysia but worth visiting. Have your money changed to Malaysian ringgit and camera ready to capture this wonderful place in Malaysia. I must say Melaka is safe to roam around during my visit. If you’re planning to drop by for an overnight stay then this blog is perfect for you.

NOTE: I don’t work for a travel agency nor endorse any product or services in this post. This is just pure sharing of my actual experience during my travel.

Travel time is around 3 hours coming from Singapore. You will have to take a bus via Grassland bus costs around SGD 20.00 from Golden Mile Complex Singapore with wifi, AC, USB socket and comfortable leg room. I passed through the Singapore-Malaysia border via the connecting bridge. All this time I used Google maps to navigate the location. Make sure to download an offline map. English is widely spoken but the bus driver I had did not understand English and dropped me in a different street so I had to walk farther with my luggage.
I arrived in Sayang-Sayang Hostel for private room accommodation for RM 43.65 with AC, Wifi, breakfast and with free-use of bicycle. I booked via AirBNB. I planned to stay overnight. I love this hostel. Very accessible.
Sayang sayang Hostel – Airbnb


These are the recommended attraction and activities that are just walking distance from the hostel where I stayed or you can just bike around.

1.) Stradthuys

No entrance fee

2.) Ride Trishaw at Christ Church

No entrance fee at this site. Optional on the trishaw as there will be cost on the ride.

3.) Eat at Jonker Street

No entrance fee. The night market is only open during weekends. But don’t worry, I biked here at daylight on weekdays and there are still so many food stores, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shop to check out. The vibe can bring much fun.

4.) A Famosa Port

No entrance fee

5.) St. Paul’s church ruins

No entrance fee

6.) Melaka River


7.) Cheng Hong Teng Temple

No entrance fee

8.) Melaka Sultanate Museum

With Entrance Fee 5 MYR

9.) Maritime Museum

with entrance 5 MYR

10.) Biking around Dutch Square 


Note: Budget for food 10 RMB – 20 RMB per meal but it depends on you. RMB/MYR the same thing for Malaysian currency.

Below is my OVERNIGHT itinerary in Melaka


9:00 AM – Depart from Golden Mile Complex Bus Terminal in Singapore

1:30 PM – Arrival in Melaka

2:00 PM -checked-in at Sayang-Sayang Hostel, rest

3:00 PM – Late Lunch at FAMOSA restaurant, walking distance from the hostel.

Ordered Hainanese chicken, rice balls and Cendol for my dessert

4:00 – 6:00 PM– Tour around attraction (by walking in the town beside the Melaka river) and this is mostly free.

Photo of my snack -Crab balls

7:00 PM – Dinner for Free invitation from the Hostel manager. Very nice people and we talked about a lot of things! They are Chinese-Malaysian. Since I’m a solo female traveler, I decided not to go out the night and just had conversation with these two.

9:00 PM – Sleep well (AC so cold)


7:00 AM – Breakfast at Madras Cafe FREE from the Hostel (Roti bread and Potato Curry with Onde-Onde Pandan Rice Cake and coffee) Nearby hostel.

8:00AM – 11:00AM – Tour around attraction with bicycle. My favorite activity.

Refreshment: coconut ice cream RM12.00

11:30AM – 12:30 NN – Lunch at Serama Boutique Cafe. I recommend this cafe for the ambiance and wonderful interior. Spent more or less 25 RMB for a heavy meal. This cafe sells antique items and other accessories.

What I enjoyed a lot is the freedom to bike around Melaka. The use of bicycle is free if you are a guest in Sayang-Sayang Hostel. If you are not a guest, you will have to pay 55 RMB as rental. The place is so calm and clean. People there are accommodating. You can already enjoy Melaka for only a day tour if you want side trip from KL/Singapore.

1:00PM – Checked-out from hostel going to Kuala Lumpur using Grab Car to Melaka Bus Terminal cost 7 RMB from Sayang-Sayang Hostel in Chinatown.

Capture grab

Please let me know your thoughts when you plan to come to Melaka and I can definitely share to you my experience. Kindly put your comments below. Thank you for viewing my blog! ALL THE BEST!

PHOTO: Biking around Melaka