DIY Tour in Baguio City Philippines Itinerary 3 Days and 2 Nights and budget

I’ve always wanted to go to Baguio since I came here in Manila two years ago. My mom used to share her experience during the Baguio trip she did before.  Now it’s my time and I’m happy to share my experiences in Baguio for 3 days and 2 nights adventure – Do-It-Yourself style.


Please check my itinerary below and follow my blog for updates. Also, please feel free to give your suggestions through leaving comments in this blog.

I went there on January this year 2018 so it’s really nice to experience the cold weather up there in Baguio. Besides, Baguio is the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The famous Panagbenga festival is held on February. A lot of tourists come to Baguio to see the whole event. But if you don’t like the crowd, traffic, and all the hassle, you can just come some other time like mid-year. Baguio is an option for people who want to relax and experience the cold weather without the need of going outside the country. Also, if you don’t like DIY style, be careful if you want to avail package group tour and research well the agency so that you will not get scammed.

To go there from Manila you may book for Joy Bus by Genesis Bus Transport two weeks advance. It’s an executive on couch basis. This will help you arrive in Baguio fast, non-stop and very convenient. I booked for 11:00 PM departure January 25, 2018 one-way only. Cost is Php 720.00 per person per way. I tried the ordinary bus for my return at Php 400.00 with multiple stop over. It’s up to you if you want to follow our itinerary just to give you some insights or tips how to go on DIY Baguio trip.




3:00 AM – Arrival at Baguio Terminal. Travel time was only about 4 hours. The terminal is near session road. There are 24 hour establishments such as stores at the bus terminal, Jollibee, 7/11 and mister donut, maybe some bars within the area. We went to Jollibee for a hot choco. Unfortunately, it was not available as well at the 7/11 so we stayed at Mister Donut instead. We waited until 5:00 AM to attend the mass at Baguio Cathedral. Sleepyhead, we were happy to witness the sunrise from the church. We loved the cold breeze touching our skin. Baguio is nostalgic at some point. I could not contain our happiness while walking around session road in the morning. This was one of our goals last year that did not happen. You can see people in their sweaters, coats, and jackets talking on their dialect. We loved the feeling of not getting sweaty. I admit I fell in-love with Baguio. You can’t miss not visiting it in your lifetime. I would like to have my own vacation house there someday (but to think about it, Baguio real estate properties are really expensive).IMG_5049.JPG


Now heading towards the Harisson street up to the Burnham park, I could not feel that it was already 7:00 AM as it was still cool. Around the park, there’s a vendor selling taho in two flavors – the ordinary taho and the STRAWBERRY taho. Yes! It’s my first time to taste the Strawberry taho for Php 30.00. How I wish there’s something like that back in Manila or in my hometown – Davao. We walked around the park, took selfies, captured nice lake photos, trees and flowers. A lot of people come to Burnham park to have their morning exercise, jogging, or just riding the boat, or get some pedals on biking. It’s refreshing to just sit and relax at Burnham park. It’s so wonderful and clean. ENTRANCE is Free. We were starving as we looked for the CAFE BY THE RUINS DUA. Breakfast is awesome. A meal would cost around Php 200-Php300. Sandwiches and other light serving price start from Php 100.00. Very nice interior design I must say.

Following the itinerary I made, we went to Baguio museum since it’s just a walking distance from Cafe by the Ruins Dua. Entrance fee is only Php 20.00. There’s a lot of learning about the lives of different tribes in Ifugao Benguet, Baguio. You can check out on their history. I’m the type who’s into museum, art, culture. The Baguio museum is up to fourth floor so much history to see in there about Baguio. It’s already 11:00 AM and we need to find the place we reserved via Facebook Group. In Facebook groups, you can search for affordable transient houses, hotels to stay in Baguio. This time we contacted a transient house at Sto. Nino, Baguio near the center. Cost is Php 800.00 per night all-in inclusive with water, electricity, shower with heater, use of TV, wifi, and utensils and it has a nice view of the uphill houses. So we needed to get some power nap before going out again since we arrived early morning in the city. At 3:00 PM we went to SM Baguio as we skipped the Maryknoll Garden in the itinerary because we were short of time and we were having hard time because it was Friday and commuting was difficult. Long waiting lines, full loaded jeepneys and unavailable taxis. Anyway, Panagbenga Festival was approaching that time. SM Baguio was near Session Road. It has a wide view of the foggy mountains. Of course, we needed to withdraw some cash at the ATM machine inside SM for the second day’s itinerary. SM Baguio has souvenir stores too to choose from for Pasalubongs.IMG_5245IMG_5276IMG_5405.JPG

OUR MOST FAVORITE BAGUIO Experience was going out on a Friday night at the BAGUIO CRAFT BREWERY. I must say food is reasonable and the restaurant’s ambiance is superb! A lot of local tourists and foreigners come here often. We ordered the ribs, buffalo wings, and the signature Baguio’s crafted beer. We were satisfied of the quality of food and service they provide. I’d love to go back there again. We only spent Php 1, 200.00 for our memorable happy dinner with an overlooking view of Baguio. Since it’s so cold at night, I suggest to wear thick jackets. Baguio taxi drivers are honest and hospitable. They give you exact change and the fare is just right. For your info, they do not have AC inside the taxi.



Bell Church at La Trinidad, Benguet

Today’s itinerary is fulfilling. Rise up and shine, we started our day by having breakfast at a highly recommended restaurant of my friend who has the same family name of BALAJADIA’S KITCHENETTE. I wonder how they’re related. Hehe. Anyway, the Balajadia Kitchenette is closely located from where we were staying. Celebrities have already visited this restaurant and it was featured in Rated K before. The menu is really budget-friendly. The cost of our breakfast is only Php 250.00 for two persons. That’s affordable! You have to try the place.

In the morning we rode a jeepney from Balajadia’s Kitchenette going to La Trinidad where the Strawberry farm is located. ENTRANCE is FREE. Good thing, we went there during the Strawberry season and these are cheap at price.  I enjoyed the scenery. I was so amazed to visit the farm. I bought my pasalubong there for my office mates and family. Strawberry jam only costs Php 20.00 per bottle, a keychain costs Php 10.00, a fresh strawberry costs Php 25.00-Php 200.00 per pack. After spending the time at Strawberry farm, we headed towards the popular Valley of Colours where houses are painted in various colors. It looked creative and cute. ENTRANCE is FREE. Also we went to Bell Church where the Entrance Fee is Free again. So we only spent Php 8.00 – Php 15.00 for the jeepney per ride. Thanks to Google Map for guiding us.

Because we were still full, we decided to go to the other part of Baguio where the Mines View Park, Wright Park, The Mansion, and Good Sheperd are located. All of these are nearby to each other. No ENTRANCE Fee again. Jeepney fare ranges from Php 8.00 – Php 10.00. You can enjoy the nature and the view of the mountains up there. At 3:00 PM our feet were all tired and weary, we decided to go at Session Road and have something to eat at OH MY GULAY’s cafe and restaurant. There I highly recommend the place because of its ARTISTIC ambiance and PERFECT view of Baguio too. The food they serve seem healthy at an affordable price ranging from Php 150.00-Php 400.00. Our order were Pancit and Hot Choco. We were craving for something sweet and we found Vizco’s Strawberry Cake across the street. It was so good! I love it! Per cake slice is Php 80.00. It was dusk and we were still thinking over where to have dinner. We enjoyed walking at Burnham Park at night. Baguio has also tourist help desk where the policemen give away free map guide and assist tourists with directions.

It started to feel colder as the wind brushed on our skin. We wanted to try the Korean food in since a lot of Korean nationals live in Baguio. It’s a city and traffic can be bad during rush hour. It’s better to stay at the center. So we decided to go to HODORI “UNLI/EAT ALL YOU CAN” KOREAN & JAPANESE RESTAURANT. Yup, you heard it right. An affordable ” EAT ALL YOU CAN” for only PHP 350.00 per person. You can choose from Korean and Japanese menu. We indulged ourselves with Samgyupsal, Kimchi, Maki, Sushi, Tempura, Korean Chicken as long as it’s unli. The restaurant can be found in the second floor along Mabini St., Session Road, Baguio City. Good luck on refilling the side dishes! Food is authentic Korean food. Of course, the Korean owner was there and very hands-on with the business. The place was jam-packed with locals and tourists. Food & value for money = 5/5. It was indeed a heavy dinner but we deserved it after long walks. Baguio experience would not be complete without thrift shopping or doing ukay-ukay. Baguio is known for cheap but quality original ukay-ukay stuff. I needed a coat for my office attire so I bought two Php 80.00 and Php 150.00. You can also find original branded shoes such as Nike and Adidas for only Php 900.00-Php 1,500.00. The night was drizzling and alive. The night market on a Saturday night was filled with fussy crowd. It ended riding a taxi going back to our transient. I loved the neighborhood lights in Baguio uphills.







Last day itinerary should not be loaded. It was Sunday and we needed to head back home. Expect that bus terminals bound to Manila would be full of passengers. So we planned to leave Baguio at 1:00 PM. This time we were unable to book for Joy bus instead we had to commute via public AC Bus. Firstly in the morning we packed our stuff making sure nothing will be left behind. We cleaned the place of course. We had coffee and noodles for light breakfast before going to the last part of our DIY trip. It was really cold and having heater saved us. Hot shower is the best. Shaking between our legs and  clenching our teeth, we put our jackets on and savored our time being in Baguio.

We took jeepney going to the center Harrison St. where you can find all possible routes around and within the city. We stopped by at Danes bakeshop, known bakeshop in Baguio, for some hot pandesal. The pandesal was incredibly affordable for its big size only Php 2.00 each. At Danes Bakeshop area in Mabini St. just in the center, you can find the jeepneys with different routes there. You just have to ask the locals. Then we arrived Good shepherd by 7:30AM and you could see more people coming and patiently waiting outside the gate. They’re known for the makers of popular Ube Jam Php 220.00 each. This is also a must visit for pasalubong. Take note that they only limit up to 2 orders per person. Good shepherd is a convent where the sisters send off scholars to study in support of their products. We spent some time at Good Shepherd because it also had a good view of the mountains. There were relaxing flowers and plants everywhere. We took a taxi going to Lion’s head. Only private vehicles can usually go there on a tour because jeepneys are rare and usually full.

Ube taho for Php 30.00 while on our way to Lion’s Head

The place is called Camp 6-7. So we arrived there and the Lion which used to be color Black is now Gold. Tourist are having fun with selfies  and buying pasalubong. Finding a pasabulong is not a problem as any where you go, pasalubong stores are just around the corner. The Lion’s head used to be the welcome trademark of Baguio.


Since public transportation could be difficult in reaching the Lion’s head, we asked our taxi driver to wait for us because we won’t be taking too long in the area. Private vehicles are better option in this. But then we were only charged for Php 200.00 round trip up to the transient to get our stuff ready for departure. It’s already reasonable. We were going to miss Baguio. Public bus back to Manila would cost around Php 300.00 per person (one-way) travel hours extended to 6-8 hours compare to the relief brought by Joy Bus.

By the way, we had our brunch at Balajadia’s Kitchenette again. 🙂 SO GOOD..

Eating Tinuno and Dinuguan for Brunch at Balajadia’s.



“Weekend Get-away Baguio”

  • Manila-Baguio = Php 1, 440.00 Round trip via Joy Bus
  • Accommodation = Php 1, 600.00 for 2 nights via transient home in Sto Nino, Baguio  (if solo), Php 800.00 for 2 nights (if shared) Actually you can find cheaper accommodation aside from what we got but it will depend on comfort, safety & accessibility.
  •  Total: Php 2, 240.00  per pax  (Bus fare & accommodation)
  • Most sight seeings are FREE of charge.
  • Your food and shopping allowance should depend on your budget .


Now you have idea for your planned Baguio trip. You can do it DIY style, free and easy. 🙂 Hope I’m able to help you. Baguio is a great vacation deal for single, friends, family, traveler and relatives. Please follow my other blog posts too.


SELFIE TIME at Session Road



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